GliadinX is a dietary supplement with the highest concentration of AN-PEP, the most effective enzyme proven to break down gluten in the stomach. Digestive enzymes are naturally present in the stomach, but humans can not digest gliadin, a component of gluten. Some people react negatively to gliadin, the damaging molecule in celiac disease and some forms gluten sensitivity, when gliadin passes through the stomach and makes contact with the small intestine.

GliadinX is very effective in breaking down gliadin into small, harmless fragments before it can reach the small intestine and trigger an inflammatory reaction. This has been proven by many human and laboratory studies conducted in multiple medical centers. Several studies have shown that it is very difficult and sometimes impossible to adhere to a strict gluten-free diet without cross contamination or accidental ingestion of gluten, resulting in accidental and also intentional exposure to gluten. GliadinX offers a very effective solution for such situations.

For a selection of peer reviewed research publication click here.

GliadinX contains Tolerase G * (AN-PEP), an FDA notified new dietary ingredient for use in dietary supplements in the US.The safety of AN-PEP has been confirmed in toxicity studies and has been confirmed in clinical trials.

Our proprietary formulation has been optimized to increase acidity for maximum strength because this enzyme is

more effective in an acidic environment. We packed the maximum concentration in a small size capsule for easier swallowing. One or more capsules of GliadinX is taken right before eating gluten-contaminated or gluten-containing food. For some people, compliance with a gluten-free diet is too much of a challenge. This dietary supplement is very specific for neutralizing gliadin in meals containing bread, cake, pasta, and other gluten-containing foods, but is not at all effective for allergies, such as wheat, or any digestive symptoms that are not caused by the

gliadin protein.

GliadinX is dedicated to my children, Jordan and Brent, who were forced to start a gluten-free diet at five and

seven years old. With the help of researchers in the private and academic sectors, as well as a very dedicated mom,

we no longer fear hidden or overt gluten when my kids eat out, travel to foreign countries, go to overnight camp,

attend birthday parties, etc.. Please share this website with someone who might benefit from GliadinX. It is my hope that it will enhance many lives, just like it continues to do so for Jordan and Brent.

- A loving father -

90 capsules Size 0 (small size for easy swallowing)
Each capsule contains 335 mg Prolyl Endopeptidase (Aspergillus Niger)              

Kosher OU Certified, Vegetarian, Manufactured in a GMP certified facility


Price in USD: 54.90

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