• about GliadinX®

    AVI Research, LLC is an Illinois-based company founded in 2015 and is the manufacturer of GliadinX®.

GliadinX® has been developed based on research conducted at highly ranked universities. The main ingredient, AN-PEP is manufactured by a global leader in enzyme manufacturing and the final product is made in a state of the art facility following the strictest cGMP guidelines.

GliadinX® is compounded in an NSF certified facility that undergoes rigorous testing and frequent audits to ensure our customers are receiving the best in dietary supplements from a cGMP certified facility. NSF conducts product testing in their own accredited laboratories to ensure that the actual contents of dietary supplement products match those printed on the label.

GliadinX® is supporting research in the field of gluten digestion and is a proud sponsor of the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center*.

The Orthodox Union evaluates the ingredients, the production equipment, and the manufacturing process to determine whether a product can be considered kosher. The kosher symbol on a brand represents more than a product that conforms to religious standards; it is viewed as a mark of quality and an added safeguard.

*The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center does not endorse or recommend this or any other product.